Used heartland harp for sale

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Used heartland harp for sale

Welcome to our harp ads section! If you are looking for a harp or harp merchandise to buy, sell, or rent, take a look at the offerings below. Sellers Beware! You may be contacted by scammers These scams have become more sophisticated, and some sound authentic at first.

The money order or check turns out to be bogus, and you lose the "change" and perhaps your harp as well! It is best to simply ignore queries from buyers with such a story. If you have or know of such a harp for sale, please contact her at A. She is able to travel to wherever the harp is for purchase. If you know of a harp that might be what Carol wants, contact her at d-cyoung shaw. Contact Sage Fisher at dolphinmidwives gmail. She will gladly pick-up in person in the PNW! Contact Gary at harpist shaw.

It can be used, but it must be in good condition. Contact Rayelle at chashieb gmail. Contact May at mayumi mayumisensei. Dennie will be visting Florida and NYC in November, and hopes to arrange shipping to one of those areas for pick up at that time. If you have a Ravenna you are trying to sell and are willing to ship, contact Dennie at dennie touchpoint.

Full levers and built-in pick-up ideal. Willing to ship the right harp! Contact Dawna at feedsoul telus. Please contact Laine at or aplayfullheart yahoo. Contact Ardie at ardiekauer yahoo. If you have or know of either for sale, please contact her at lcdavis crocker. Must be in good condition, with pickup on each string. She will travel to pick it up personally if you have one that is suitable. This would be used strictly for at-home practice. Please contact Claire at or oliver.

Must have a pickup on every string. Not interested in a Harpsicle. Willing to pay any reasonable price. You can reach Phoenix at phoenixpepperwood gmail.

Annastezhaa Curtis is a new harpist looking for a pedal harp with a "rent to own" option. Contact Annastezhaa at acurtis91 yahoo. Vanessa Myers writes: "My lever harp arrangement of "Classical Gas", the quintessential solo guitar hit from the 's by Mason Williams, is available for sale!

To my knowledge, this is the only harp arrangement for this tune that has been published.Renters also pay a deposit of 1. Bonnie MitchellKealakekua, Hawaiihas new and used harps for purchase and rental.

Orlando, FL. Pedal and lever harps available for rent from Jan Jennings, jan harpbiz. The Michigan Harp Center has rental harps for students and professionals. Harpnotes in Atlanta has lever harps for rent. Call: or e-mail: LHand aol.

used heartland harp for sale

Stoney End Harps has a great rent-to-own program; for more details see their website at www. For more info click here. Triplett harps has rental harps available for teachers to buy for their students.

These harps are 30 strings and come in maple, walnut and cherry. Triplett offers a financing program for a minimum order of 3 harps and also offers discounted prices for out-right purchases. If anyone would like to see these harps you can visit the web site at www. To find out more, you can visit their web site at: www.

Blevins and Triplett Harps for sale and rent. Rosemary Caine.

Used Harps

Rental and Used harps available. Based in Ottawa, ON. CHA also has a small rental outlet in Toronto. Alison Vardy has harps to rent in Victoria BC. Vixen Harps Canada has harps available for rent. The Eastcoast Harpshop Nova Scotia sometimes has harps to rent. See their "In Shop Stock" section for details.

Teifi Harps, Wales. For further information about renting options please contact us at info irishharp. For more info visit their web site at www. For information on new harpsfor sale by maker or company, see the "Buying a Harp" section.

If you would like to place an ad here, you can e-mail the appropriate info to salerent celticharper.

Used Harps

Note: this is a free service.The solid walnut body of this Lyre Harp features e metal strings that provide a classical sound that is enhanced by its Spruce soundboard. When you are not playing, you can hang it up as a piece of art; it's that pretty. Hold it upright on your lap or as you walk, and pluck both sides of the strings. Or lay it flat and pluck it.

A tuning wrench is included. Free Shipping. The solid sheesham body of this Roosebeck Lyre Harp features eight metal strings that provide a classical sound that is enhanced by its Lacewood soundboard. Extra String Set Included. This Roosebeck Lute Harp is approximately features 22 nylon strings.

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It measures It has a solid sheesham frame with a birch plywood soundboard. There are four soundholes on the back. Strings run from tuning pegs on the curved neck to an angled bridge on soundboard. The recommended tuning for this lute harp is diatonically like the natural notes or white keys on a pianofrom the longest to the shortest note. Longest note is tuned to C4 Shortest note is tuned to C7.

used heartland harp for sale

This Roosebeck Lyre Harp has 16 metal strings measures Features inlaid arms and stars carved on the soundboard that add to the beauty of the instrument. Extra string set, tuning wrench and nylon gig bag included. Non-Standing design for less weight and easier handlingnote range of F3 to C6 with 19 strings, and 2. A full lever harp, handcrafted from solid wood - birch soundboard for exceptional sound and strength.

Approximately 31" high. Non-standing design. Featuring 19 DuPont hard nylon strings, a range from F below Middle C to High C, 19 sharpening levers, engraved and inlaid sheesham frame and birch soundboard for exceptional sound and strength.

Sale Priced with Free Shipping. A quality harp at a great price for the student harpist, the Roosebeck Pixie Harp has 19 DuPont hard nylon strings that range from F below Middle C to High C, and it has 19 sharpening levers. This Pixie Harp comes with upgraded Chelby levers for improved functionality.

Compared to the standard Roosebeck harp levers, the Chelby levers are mechanically superior. The design allows the lever to engage the string from the side and limit the possibility of strings lifting off the bridge pin. The red and blue colored caps allow you to quickly locate the C- and F-string levers. A beginner harp set for the student harpist. A quality harp starter package at a great price for the beginner harpist. It is a great choice for a harpist that prefers a smaller harp with a "sweet" Irish sound, tuned in the scale of G instead of C.Welcome to Harps by the Seaa unique showroom in Santa Barbara, California where you will find new and used harps for sale, rental instruments, accessories, sheet music, instruction and repairs.

If you've always wanted to play the harp, come visit us and learn more! Please contact us to arrange a convenient time for you to check out our instruments. Harps by the Sea 22 W. Mission St. Discover the instruments currently in stock at Santa Barbara's only harp showroom! A stunning piece of woodworking in highly figured cherry that also lends a warm rich tone. The elegantly staved back not only looks beautiful, but also makes a comfortable reach around the body of the harp when you play.

Harps by the Sea

With 36 strings and a full set of Camac levers it provides a perfect range and every option for playing in any key. This top of the line harp comes complete with a padded travel case and tuning key. Find out more here. A stunning treasure, this mint condition one owner harp is complete with all that any harpist will ever need. The carbon fiber body is strong and light weight, while the spruce soundboard delivers a focused warm voice.

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At only 18 lbs, it's easy to transport and the strength of fiber carbon body means it can withstand travels easily. More about this harp…. Have you always wanted to learn to play the harp? We teach private lessons to students of all ages. If you don't own a harp we have rental instruments available. Learn more about harp lessons in Santa Barbara…. Harps by the Sea. Your Harp Resource in Santa Barbara. Harps in stock. Learn to Play - Harp Lessons.The Virginia Harp Center is proud to offer a wide selection of used harps, which have been carefully evaluated and appraised to guarantee that you receive a fair price without compromising on quality.

Our selection of used lever harps and used pedal harps is constantly changing to reflect our current inventory. As part of our commitment to customer service, we will notify you if a used harp matching your specific needs arrives in one of our showrooms to aid in your search for the perfect harp.

Please contact us for more information. View Cart. Virginia New Jersey. Used Harps The Virginia Harp Center is proud to offer a wide selection of used harps, which have been carefully evaluated and appraised to guarantee that you receive a fair price without compromising on quality.

Camac Ulysses. Dusty Strings FH36S. Heartland Sylvan — Sale Pending. Dusty Strings FH36S bubinga. Dusty Strings FH36S cherry. Thormahlen Swan. Thormahlen Ceili — Sale Pending. Salvi Livia.

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Rees Harps Aberdeen Meadows. Pedal Harps Salvi Minerva Gold. Camac Vendome — Sale Pending. Salvi Daphne 47EX — Price reduced! Salvi Daphne 47 EX. Swanson La Scuola. Haddon Avenue Haddonfield, NJ newjersey vaharpcenter.This is a joy and the color is perfect! Everyone wants to touch it and pick it up to marvel at the portability and sound of my new instrument.

Many thanks! The sound is exactly what I wanted. You have pulled off something really really special with this harp. I love my new carbon fiber Heartland Legend 36 string harp!!!

The folks in all my music groups say it sounds great and are very happy to see me play this beautiful harp! It is a great joy to play this harp, and to be able to keep it in the van while running errands.

Used Lever Harps

And it keeps the tune! I am so pleased and happy with my new carbon fiber harp. I play this all the time!

used heartland harp for sale

I am sure all the harpists around the world would like to have a lightweight carbon fiber harp!!! Thank you! Be notified of Heartland happenings such as new and enhanced harp models, events, and limited-time offers—delivered right to your inbox!

We value your privacy - we never sell, trade, or give away your information! Redefining the Harp Experience. View Models. Discover The Carbon Fiber Distinction. Learn More. Rave Reviews.Posted In: Harps and Accessories.

Has anyone tried to contact Heartland Harps lately? I have been trying to communicate with them via email and phone, but have not had any response for at least couple of weeks. Following the response have heard nothing. He was to have been sending things but nothing came to repair my harp. Thank you, Lyle!

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It seems like they might need an office assistant to handle phone calls and emails. David, president, and Christian, new to the company, came to our home to repair my harp Sunday May 21, Top most C string had snapped twice. The next day they worked on another of their harps in town. Once finished they drove to another southern Minnesota home to provide personal service for one of their harps.

Having constructed the instruments, they provided very good work on my harp. Also found them both extremely enjoyable to have around. Seemed to have solved the problem of the snapping C string by its total replacement.

used heartland harp for sale

Had I purchased the wood lever harp most desired, it would have weighed forty pounds. The 38 string carbon fiber harp weighs twelve pounds in carry ability more than compensates for the upper register sound difference.

Therefore taking my harp anywhere is not much of a problem! Have also found the carbon fiber keeps me from tuning strings much less often than wood. I have a Heartland Infinity. Consistent email or phone communication with Heartland has been challenging for me over the years.

I trust that the issue will be resolved eventually. As mentioned have the 38 string Delight. Got it with full lighting and an amp pickup. Did not go the paint route as that added to much extra care when transporting. Believe the paint helps mellow the upper register sound. Concerned though about your experience with a warranty issue.


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